Jason Coooling - Torrington Police Dept

My career as a Police Canine handler came on short notice. I was given a dog, that had already injured another handler and failed to pass the academy intake test. When the decision was made to replace that dog with another dog, my department only had to make three phone calls. Two other handlers called around for recommendations and
Erich Grasso was the only name that was mentioned by both people. I called Erich, told him I had three days until training, and I asked what he had available. His exact words were "I have a total 10 for you." In hind sight that was probably an understatement. I can not adequately put into words what a perfect fit my dog Remington "Remi" is for my department and my Family. Remi is social, alert, and confident. He learned must faster than I did as our training progressed and I look forward to a productive and faithful partnership with him in the future. The difference between dealing with Erich and other breeders is night and day. When we called Erich, he met us, within an hour, showed us Remi, answered our questions, provided x-rays and documentation as well as the invoice and purchase order. I have never met a breeder who is more about the Dog than Erich. If you have a question he will answer it, if you have a problem he will help you, if a friend has a problem with their dog, Erich will be there. Erich is the teacher that stays after school, he is the coach that puts in the extra hours. I am a wounded veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, I have spent 8 years in the military, 5 years in law enforcement and I am very careful about who and what I recommend, so it take very seriously when I say that I recommend Erich Grasso with my fullest and upmost faith. Whether you are looking for a family, sport, or police dog. There is NO other place to go that is worth your time. There may be other great dogs in other places, but with Grasso Shepherds, Erich will always be there for you and your dog, and you will not find that anywhere else.