Sgt. Carl Strate - Stamford P.D.

After the unexpected loss of Bailey, my 5 year-old German Shepard, I was urged by several of my fellow Officers to reach out to Erich. Initially, I was reluctant, as I wasn't sure if I was ready, and was still in shock over my loss. I knew I needed help to recover from this experience, so I made the call. Erich took time to listen, then asked pertinent questions, all with no expectations or pressure, while understanding I was in a grieving state. I told Erich, I wanted an athletic, energetic, and confident companion, he suggested a European work line. About a week later I received a photo titled, "this could be her". He said he would be in touch in a few days. The rest was a match made in heaven! Marley and I instantly clicked, she is a bundle of athletic, confident, energy. I still miss Bailey, but Marley and I have begun something special, already mastering the frisbee and beginning agility training. Thank you for this special gift!